Playing with Plaster


I’ve been wanting to go to one of those pottery places and do up some fun coloured pots for a while now, when it occurred to me: why don’t you try making your own? I guess that’s just ingrained in me at this point, why go pay to do something when you can make a mess for next to nothing in your own home LOL. So I went and picked up a bag of plaster for a few bucks ( I think this bag was about $8 after my 40% off coupon) to see if I couldn’t find a way to make a few.

With a little imagination it’s actually really easy! I rounded up a bunch of containers from the recycle bin to use as our molds (big yogurt containers and plastic party cups were my favourite) and a few more smaller containers to form the hollow centre.

I started by picking a handful of colours to use as my colour palette and a few tupperware containers to mix the plaster in.


Following the water to plaster ratio on the box I mixed up small batches for each pot and then added a small amount of acrylic paint to add some colour. Some I stirred the colour in completely, others I thought would look neat with a swirl effect so I left the colour not fully mixed.


I poured the colored mix into the different containers and then set my form in the middle while it set. I found it was best to remove the middle form as soon as it was slightly set, but still wet and then left the rest of it to dry for another hour. It seemed to dry much faster when the centre could breath, and it was easier to remove that piece early on. I did take the step of wrapping the centre hollow in plastic wrap in case it was hard to remove, but I think it was unnecessary and definitely not as attractive as the few I didn’t do it on.


All hardened up and removed from their containers (some popped right out, and some had to have the container gently cut off) they look like this.


The nice thing about plaster is that it’s so easy to work with, so at this stage I took a craft knife and cut down the rough edges on the tops. This sounds hard but it literally just shaves away like soap. Then I gently sanded the tops with a 320 grit sandpaper to smooth it out evenly as possible to get these:


Not perfect, but I kind of adore their quirky colours, shapes and imperfections!



I may fill them up with a few succulents some day, but for now I am loving the playful, artsy vibe they bring on their own.



Summer at 6

This has been the Summer of juggling for me. We are almost finished our Quesnell flip (I will share pics soon!!!) and it has been challenging to balance that with having Wren home from School. Of course, we aren’t working 8 hour days 7 days a week or anything, but she has still had to endure many last minute home depot runs and trips to meet trades. So I’ve been making a big effort to spend our time NOT working on the house in an extra fun way.

The key to Wren’s heart has always been crafting. She just loves it, so I bought one of these Perler kits recently and we have spent hours working on our creations. This is the best investment I’ve made in our Summer by far.


We always adore a good painting session, and since we are always shaking up our art around here we can always use more! Trying to come up with new colour combos is our usual topic of discussion.


Our crown making skills are sadly out of tune (this one was made using scotch tape LOL), but she loves picking the flowers and wearing the crowns so we will keep honing our skills.


I can’t wait to finally be finished at Quesnell and kick our feet up at the pool a little more often, but as a crafter myself I’ve been enjoying all our little creative afternoons now that she’s a little older and has an eye of her own.


Bakery Fresh

Having Wren home during Summer holidays has been a good excuse for me to do a little more in the kitchen. Well, me AND her. She loves baking and I am not much of an expert when it comes to baked goods (despite my LOVE of them!), and it can feel so overwhelming to try something for the first time that I often stick to familiar territory when we bake together.


But we have been branching out and trying things for the first time, which has been going well so far without any disappointing outcomes.


This past week we gave our first batch of banana bread a try. If you have kids, I’m sure you’ve been unable to escape Minion mania, so these seemed like a good fit.

We found this recipe for banana bread and it seemed simple and easy (and it was!), the only tweaks we made were to do a batch of mini-loaves instead of one loaf,  and to add a small amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips.



They were the perfect summer snack for our weekend at the cabin, and they would make an adorable addition to any picnic, and they are already gone. So we will be whipping up another batch in the very near future!IMG_0387

Bakery Fresh

Hazy Days

Our hot, dry Summer took a turn this past week when we had a refreshing hit of seasonal temperatures as well as much needed rain. I don’t know if there is a much cosier feeling than curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.

This is where you’ll find me enjoying the best summer storms.

Hazy Days

Life is colourful in a white house

People often think a white home is empty, or boring or too sterile. No doubt, it isn’t for everyone. But I find it so inspiring to enjoy the colours of everyday life popping in our home. The joy of a new piece of clothing, a piece of art or even food jump right out at me.

I hope you enjoy the colours in your life today as well~


Spinach Feta Croissants

This past Friday Wren and I prepped some croissants to pop in the oven for brunch one morning this weekend and it was both fun to try making these for the first time and have such a warm, gooey breakfast with minimal work the morning of.

Croissant dough is no joke and I definitely went above my skill level making it (I have LOTS of room for improvement), trying the recipe from the Duchess cook book. They also have a recipe for fillings, but we altered it to fit our tastes a little more. But if croissant dough isn’t your passion try picking up pre-made dough for that part which is what I plan on doing in the future to streamline the job.

For the filling we took the butter and garlic in a saucepan and heated for a minute or so to get the garlic brown then set aside. I had our spinach all defrosted and dried as much as possible in a little bowl where I poured the garlic butter mix in to, stirring it all together and adding a little pepper and salt. You don’t need much salt because the feta adds lots of that. Then we added in our feta and stirred a bit more.

I just made little rectangles and started filling up our breakfast croissants.

once they are all filled and assembled I wrapped in plastic them to keep them from drying out and put in the fridge until the morning. The next morning I took them out and set them in the oven (which is still off) with a big bowl of hot water for an hour to get them puffing up. I had no idea how this step would go but they really did puff up nicely, then I baked for 15 minutes and voila! Hot and melty breakfast croissants!

[vintage platter, oven mitt found here from La Cocotte]

Hope your weekend was full of sun and smiles.


In A Summer Slumber

It’s been one of the hottest Summers I can remember, the kind where you wake up drink a cool cup of coffee and already feel like you have heat exhaustion and want to crawl into a cool bed again.

The only remedy I’ve found that works is a cool body of water. A pool, river, lake, I’ll take anything.

It’s weekends like these I am so thankful for the cabin because time truly does stand still there. Growing up at the cabin are some of my best memories and reliving them with Wren has been so fun.

Hours spent on the water, jumping and diving, teaching her to swim are priceless.

We’ve had some smoke blow in from distant forest fires, giving the lake a hazy atmosphere lately, making it feel more like we have our own little world we are all happily spending this summer together in.

Happiest of Summer memories to you, too, friends.