Our Wedding Day

We were married in October 2007 on a warm, sunny, California day! My parent’s have a home in Palm Desert where they spend some of the Winter and which also happened to be where Sean and I had the pleasure to live for the 4 years we went to University. Since we had so many wonderful memories there we chose to hold both the ceremony and reception at the house. They were sweet enough to move almost all the furniture out so we could transform the patio into a “tent” and the living and dining rooms into a sundae bar, coctail bar and reception area. We had incredible planners, florists, caterers and musicians that did an amazing job of creating the best day we could imagine!

Of course the colors we chose were primarily shades of white!
Just before the ceremony! The day would not have been complete without Mung Kee and Rosy! (our two dogs)
My wonderful and generous parents!
I designed the cake to resemble a quilt with antique buttons on each facet.
boxes of custom chosen Godiva chocolates for all the guests

Our Wedding Day

22 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day

  1. I've only just discovered your blog and am looking through your archives. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!!!!! So classy, stylish and sophisticated. I love EVERYTHING about it!! And your cake was perfect! Hope you don't mind a stranger commenting :)


  2. Hi- Just came across your blog and I'm working my way through the archives, enjoying every post. These wedding photos are so beautiful- and your dress!!! GORGEOUS!


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