Keeping Track of Our Ideas…

Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions with what to do in certain rooms since I love so many different ideas and looks. Here is a sampling of what I am loving right now:

1. This kitchen island! I love the marble counters and the simple lines
2. Distressed mantles. I am on the hunt for one as we speak to add a little character to our family room. They add interest and dimension, and best of all can be a fraction of the cost of building a new mantle!
3. White slipcovered furniture (this never changes for me!).
(pictures above from Country Living)

4. The garden-y feel of this dining room! It is both unique and refreshing, love it!

(picture from House Beautiful)

5. A mixture of creams and whites in the bedroom to soften it up. The creams add warmth to the white palette for those cool winter evenings when you just want to curl up with a hot chocolate and your favorite book!

Keeping Track of Our Ideas…

3 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Our Ideas…

  1. That kitchen is FAAAABULOUS! We are eyeballing this house and the kitchen setup is all screwy. I’m saving this idea — did you SEE where the microwave is?? GENIUS! Thanks! :)


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