Only 15 weeks left!

Uncategorized October 6, 2008
It sounds like a long time, but it still feels like we have so much to do in these last 15 weeks before the Baby arrives! Besides finishing the hardwood throughout the house in the next couple of weeks we need to install wainscotting in her bedroom, buy a crib and rocker, and finish decorating her room (I am sure there are about 100 other things to do as well I am forgetting).

We are going to Orlando in the next couple of weeks and I am hoping my bathing suits all fit still by then so I can get some sun and hang out at the pool!

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  1. Holly and Sean says on October 6, 2008

    They are Mama Black jeans, and they are the celebrity fit Kelsey! I highly recommend them for their fit in the legs and the tummy is really comfy, but I still prefer my regular low rise jeans over them since they still slide down sometimes.


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