Gotta Love Long Weekends!

It was a long weekend for us and even though we spent much of it with family and necessity required a half day spent on picking out and picking up a new dishwasher, we managed to make a lot of progress on the house (I have the circles under my eyes today to prove it!). I patched and primed all the walls and even got our first coat of paint up (we chose Seed Pearl) while Sean ripped up all the baseboards, carpets, underlay, and staples. We have to let the hardwood adjust to the interior temperature and humidity for 5 days now and then we begin installing on Saturday.

I also wanted to share this lovely tablescape from the folks at Blueprint. I have been in love with the lotus blossom wall paper for about 2 years now and love the idea of a wide length of cloth as a runner all the way down to the ground.

Gotta Love Long Weekends!

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