Snowy Owls

I discovered the most wonderful greenhouse/home decor store last week, and while I wanted to buy at least one of everything, I desperately wanted one of these gorgeous owls:

At the time I had no where to put it and therefore could not justify the $25-$40 price tags. Well, I must have had a little Karma coming my way because while strolling through Home Goods on Saturday I found this little cutie for a whopping $5.99! So I popped her on a branch and threw her on a cake stand covered by a garden cloche.

Snowy Owls

6 thoughts on “Snowy Owls

  1. Oh Holly your post made me laugh! Cael and I were at a nursery a few weeks ago and I found these amazing bird ornaments! I got two cute little peacocks and a dove! We got the most amazing ornament for C’s mom! I’ll post pics on my blog so you can see them!


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