Out of Order!

To accomodate all our families this holiday we agreed to host Christmas Eve at the last minute (I am silently freaking out inside that we need to get this organized in less than 1 week). Until now our powder room has been in shambles as we slowly removed the wallpaper and floor tiles but knowing that we will have a house full of people and only 1 functioning bathroom out of 3 was not a very inviting thought, so we decided to kick the reno into full gear last night and removed the vanity and toilet (only to discover more ugly wall paper remnants). Tonight we will be installing the floor tiles, tomorrow painting, and Saturday hopefully the new pedestal that has been hanging out in the garage for a month along with the toilet will be back in place and we will have a couple days to spare. PLEASE wish us luck, because if we don’t pull it off we will be ushering bathroom traffic up to our master bedroom all night…

Here is our tile and how it looks up against the wood in the hallway:

Out of Order!

4 thoughts on “Out of Order!

  1. I’m chuckling here because this is SO something I would do — renovate a bathroom a week before a gathering at my home!!Good luck Holly – if anybody can, I know you two can! You are the renovation king and queen, I swear. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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