Too cute to pass up!

While I am sad that my favorite local antique mall is temporarily closed until they find a new lease, I did score some deals the last weeks they were open. Several of those deals were tea cup saucers. At only $0.25 I grabbed a handful of unique patterns and designs with plans to use them as hostess gifts by placing a french milled soap on it, adding some fancy ribbon, and calling it a soap dish. I’m sure it has been done before by Martha or some other savvy home maker.

Since our new pedestal sink doesn’t allow for a lot of room I placed one of the fun Royal Albert cabbage leaf saucers on it. Maybe celadon green will be our accent color for the powder room!

Too cute to pass up!

3 thoughts on “Too cute to pass up!

  1. I like it. Simple and pretty. Thats next for me. Finding little shops like that. I might go by the thrif store today. Havent been in years but my Honey went and came back with clothing. I looked up and he had on a cowboys tee. I said to him “babe you dont have to buy tee shirts from there, come on now”…he sd it was 25cents!..I sd, oh ok…still not screaming about it though..he thinks he did something big.


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