getting there!

Now that our Master Bedroom is about 90% completed as far as the reno is concerned I am excited to start the decorating! Because we are still nowhere near completion on all our renos the decorating budget will be slim! I have always loved our bed (our very first purchase together!), but against the dark wood floors the detailing is lost, and I think we are just ready for a change. Here is a picture of our current bed (taken at our old house):
What do we want??? Something bright, airy, and fresh, similar to this Rachel Ashwell headboard:
But with a price tag of well over $1000 I thought I would give it my best attempt to recreate something similar myself . Pics to come tomorrow, so let’s hope I can do it!
getting there!

4 thoughts on “getting there!

  1. The inspiration pic is great, and I know you will do a fantastic job recreating it…BUT, I’ve gotta admit that I’ll be sad to see your current bed go. It’s always been my favorite.


  2. I can’t wait to see how it turns out-I’ve been thinking of making something similiar for our bed..seeing as we have been married almost 4 years and still don’t have a headboard. Good luck! Oh, and….more Wren photos please! LOL


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