Will you be mine?

Love is in the air here at Chez Holly & Sean as Valentine’s Day fast approaches. We have kept the majority of our home decor packed away in boxes since we moved, where it will stay until we finish up our renos, so we don’t have a lot of festive touches to put around the house but that hasn’t stopped me from still adding a little LOVE to our front entry way. I came up with this fun project that literally only cost pennies, and could be customized to any saying you want.

What you will need:
  • regular printer paper
  • a computer and printer
  • a scalloped scissor
  • ribbon
  • 2 tea bags
  • small grommets or a hole punch
  • a pad of brown ink
Step 1: Google sheet music and print off your favorite looking piece then soak it in tea for 5 minutes to age it’s appearance.
Step 2: Take the aged looking paper out and let it dry. Once it is dry place it back in your printer and print off a phrase you like, with one letter on each page.
Step 3: Cut off excess paper with a scalloped scissor to create a romantic edge

Step 4: Take your brown ink pad and gently rub the scalloped edges on each page to add an additional aged touch

Step 5: If you have grommets, punch two on the top of each page, or just punch two holes on each page if you don’t have any grommets handy.

Step 6: String a pink or red ribbon through all the letters and hang where you like!

Will you be mine?

8 thoughts on “Will you be mine?

  1. That is WAY too cute!! You are so creative and have SUCH vision. I like a lot of things, but I can never keep a good theme. Well, enough with the babbling – I love it! Happy Valentine’s!


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