Opinions wanted!

We thought we had our fireplace all sorted out and ready to be tiled, but we second guessed ourselves and have decided to use Carrera Marble tiles instead of white ceramic penny rounds. But we are torn between the mini subway tiles and the 1×1 marble mosiacs, and bummed that both will take 3 weeks on special order to receive… Which do you prefer? We will be using the trim in the middle of this picture around the ledge:

1×1 inch square carrera marble mosaic:

Mini subway tiles:

Opinions wanted!

18 thoughts on “Opinions wanted!

  1. I love the first option or the mini subway tiles. For some reason, the marble squares seem very peachy to me-it could just be the photo. I think the grey toned tiles would suit your house and style more than the warm colored square ones. But again, it could just be how it looks on my screen.


  2. Thanks everyone! I am not sure why the 1×1 inch square tiles look brownish in that picture because they are the blue-ish grey carrera as well. I think we will do a mixture of both! The mosaics around the facade and the subway tiles on the raised hearth portion. That makes it a little more interesting!


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