Burrito Baby

Wren’s daddy has a hidden talent! He can swaddle a baby in under 5 seconds, tighter than any baby knew was possible. It is a sure fire way to put her to sleep or calm her down.

Exhibit A: 1 minute after swaddling

Exhibit B: 1.5 minutes after swaddling

Burrito Baby

17 thoughts on “Burrito Baby

  1. Just sweet…sweetie pie baby face…I bet your melts when you look into those eyes…I could never get that blanket thing right, ever! oh well..our godson is due in April so maybe then..


  2. Oh man. That little sleeping face so reminds me of sweet Noodle as an infant. She’s almost 9 now and I’m having some serious baby envy looking at little Wren.Enjoy your precious little gift! Sniff the top of her sweet little head and kiss those cheekers.


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