Gettin’ it done

So we are a little behind on finishing the family room… but we are close to being done the fireplace. The only peice not happening for a while yet is the decorative pencil edge we ordered for around the hearth. Turns out it is back ordered until April 28th so we have to tile around where it will go. Here is a hercules shot of Sean installing the mantle earlier today, which means I can now tile around it this evening and grout it all up!

And while browsing the mistinted paints at our local big box hardware store I stumble across this beauty, who will be the star of a few upcoming projects. Stay tuned to see where she turns up!

Gettin’ it done

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ it done

  1. you are too much! When I brought home my first baby…I had the world convinced that I couldn’t do ANYTHING but take care of her. All this work you are doing is giving us a bad name. :) You are amazing and i LOVE your style!


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