Anyone have any clue

how to fix my blog list on the left? Ever since we switched over to our own domain name it seems my list has disappeared. If it is some easy fix let me know! Otherwise I will have my computer savvy sister take a look this weekend.

Anyone have any clue

5 thoughts on “Anyone have any clue

  1. I’m not sure if this will help..but I used cutest blog on the block for my background and there are faq’s and blog secrets on the website…I had to start and stop, delete and recreate my blog about six times so you may not want my advice…I have to tell you I found your blog from another one and I have to say you are amazing with your home improvement projects…I have a California mass produced, urban sprawl trac home..with golden oak kitchen, etc….I am waiting to see what you do with your kitchen…Hurry Up!


  2. Hey hol, I’ll totally help you out with your blog on my day off this week! I guess i’ve just been too busy fixing other people’s computers to help you!


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