Easy Kitchen Update

I am so excited to get started on our new kitchen (c’mon good weather!!!), but sadly that will be the one room we do not DIY. We decided to have custom cabinetry and countertops done since we are really looking at it as an investment. We plan on living here for a veryyyy long time because we hate moving more than getting our teeth pulled, so we agreed that it was best to leave this room to the professionals.

But we still have some great DIY kitchen ideas, thanks to our beloved first home! The kitchen was about as basic as “builder basic” gets: laminate counters, oak panel cabinets, cheap appliances… and since we were poor, first time home owners there was no justifying a new kitchen.
For about $400 we took the old kitchen from “yeow!” to “WOW”
The befores (click any image to enlarge):
We did several things to spice it up:
-paint the cabinets
-change the hardware
-add crown molding
-subway tile backsplash
-hide the ugly hood vent over the stove
We did the transformation over a 1 month period, working on something every weekend, and before we knew it we were cooking in a kitchen that we loved. The key to a successful kitchen update is to go for a custom look. The molding is the cheapest and fastest way to acheive that, and if you are up for a bit more of a challenge, the hood vent is a very cheap way to look like you are cooking in a kitchen out of a magazine! Good luck with any updates you have planned and please share any of your transformations!!!
Easy Kitchen Update

20 thoughts on “Easy Kitchen Update

  1. it looks great…we had our home built so i understand the basics…i love my kitchen…i am looking to redo the counters and appliances myself and the tile we now i want GONE…we actually have moulding already and i so agree that it adds to the beauty of the kitchen.


  2. i love it!! you HAVE to share if it was a pain to paint the cabinets?? ours are basic builder grade and our house is only two years old…so I have a huge fear of ruining them! i want white…all white! please tell how you did that!


  3. Please tell me how you covered your vent hood. We are updating our kitchen and I was just going to buy a new stainless one but I LOVE that look so much better. I think my husband could do it if we have some sort of idea as to where to start and what to get. Thanks!


  4. I love the new kitchen design. It’s a great modern update. The < HREF="http://www.invitinghome.com/Crown_Molding/Molding_List.htm" REL="nofollow">wood crown molding<> adds an extra pop of character and I love the crisp white cabinets.Great job.TJ


  5. The molding really does make a huge difference. thanks for pointing out everything that you did- I am not good at picking it all out, and it is nice to know exactly what you did to create such an awesome kitchen!


  6. Gorgeous! The amazing ability of acrylic and your alarming decorating skills! Can't accept how little you spent! The copse acme abstraction adds an added pop of appearance and I adulation the brittle white cabinets.


  7. We are updating our kitchen, I was about to buy new and clean, but I like that look a lot better. I think my husband can do this, if we have some idea as to where to start and how to get.The the key to success is to update the kitchen a custom look.
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