slowly unpacking…

today I made it my mission to get a few boxes unpacked in the basement so that we can remember what we already have before buying new stuff as we decorate the living room. I tackled the ceramics today and will work on the 5 boxes of antique books tomorrow, but it was nice to see some of our best loved items that have been absent since we moved. It was almost like finding a treasure trove of goodies!
slowly unpacking…

5 thoughts on “slowly unpacking…

  1. You have beautiful things!Do you happen to have any antique childrens books? I recently bought a couple with fairies that I love. I’m actually going antiquing with someone from the Nest next weekend and I’m hoping to find more books.


  2. Do please share how you came to own such a beautiful dewdrop chandelier. I just love it! If it's one of those one-of-a-kind antique sort of finds, then how lovely for you!
    If it's something from a store, I'd love to look it up and see how close I could get to something similar.

    Thanks and Happy Day!


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