Big Things

are in store for these 4 chairs we scored on Craigslist for the amazing price of $25 per chair.

These pink beauties are going to need a full re-upholstering, but the details are just too beautiful to pass up. I am thinking that a charcoal grey velvet fabric would be pretty dreamy and glamorous.

These guys are going to be a little simpler, by just getting a lovely white linen slipcover. I have been in love with the look of wing back chairs in the dining room for years now, so I am very excited to start sewing! I think the slipcover in the first picture below is exactly what we are looking for~

Another look at wing backs in the dining room:

Big Things

10 thoughts on “Big Things

  1. I love the photos of the white apholstered wing backs in the dining room! My only question (which I keep wanting to ask you but I always forget to leave a comment asking it) is how are you going to keep them clean? I admire all of your white furniture and would love to add some more white pieces in my home, but I always shy away because I am afraid it will get stained/dirty too fast.I’d love to see a post from you giving tips on living with white : )


  2. Posts like these make me so sad that my local craigslist has dismal offerings at best. I check the sight faithfully, but never seem to find the great pieces that I see all over the blog world. Boo.Congrats on your score, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


  3. Wow! I cannot WAIT to see the chairs recovered in a gray velvet. That is going to be stunning! And I love wingbacks in dining rooms too – hurry up and sew so we can see the final result! :)


  4. girl i see great things with those chairs from you. i wish i had that pop in my head for my furniture..i am now trying to pick a color and material. do i want linen or velvet?


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