Dining Room Dilema

Our dining room is a hard room to decorate for me. It has vaulted ceilings so it is difficult to create a balanced look, on one side of the room the ceiling is 20 feet high, while the other side is only 9 feet. The other challenge is that the living room and dining room are one big great room. The good news is that I pretty much have a clean slate to work with, the only furniture I have is an antique buffet I painted white and my two new wingback chairs. I have a few ideas on how to approach it, but I am on the hunt for more.

We have so many options: bench seating? upholstered chairs? which style of table? I am not sure which direction we will go yet, but we are excited to start the journey!
Dining Room Dilema

2 thoughts on “Dining Room Dilema

  1. Holly, if you did chairs on the side of the table where the ceilings are soaring, and a low or backless bench on the side with low ceilings, it might help to visually balance things more. I can’t wait to see the wingbacks with their new covers!!!!


  2. i LOVE the last option, with the combination of dark wood and the white upholstered chairs! i have that picture saved on my computer as one of my favorite rooms! it would look beautiful in your home!


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