new addition

Whew, what a busy couple of weeks we have had. We had a great Easter and hope all of you did as well~
If you look over to the left hand side of our blog you will see a new addition! We are going to be linking all our finished rooms, and once there are too many to list we will just combine it into one house tour link. Our first link is for Wren’s nursery, so check it out.

new addition

3 thoughts on “new addition

  1. Hey there,
    Let me first say that I LOVE reading your blog since my husband and I are in the process of renovating our new home as well! Wren’s nursery is so adorable, but I had a few quick questions!! What paint did you use to refinish the changing table you made? We are on the hunt for a small dresser to refinish for our guest bedroom and I want to paint it white, but have never painted furniture before. Also, where did you guys get your hardwood floors from? I just love how the dark wood pops against all the white you have! You guys have such a beautiful home and I enjoy reading about the progress you’ve made whenever I can!!


  2. Awww thank you so much!!! I have painted quite a few pieces of furniture and the easiest thing is to just prime and paint with latex based paint and then do a couple coats of polyurethane. You can get it in shiny finish, or matte (I prefer matte) and it even comes in a spray can so it is easy and fast to apply. Our hardwood is from a local manufacturer, but you can find very similar or exact wood if you go with the expresso stain finish. It is one of the darkest stains. The type of wood we went with is birch, but I think any type with the same stain looks similar.

    Good luck with all your renos as well, I know how challenging, yet rewarding it all is. If you have any other questions feel free to email me~


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