Cost effective ways to update your bathroom

We are just putting the final decorative touches on the powder room (the first bathroom out of 3 that we are renovating) and were very surprised at the hardware you can find at places like Home Depot that looks super expensive but is unbelievably affordable. The first thing we found exciting was the new styles of paper holders. Gone are the days of spring loaded plastic tubes! We went with a pivoting piece like this one from Moen ($27) that you simply just lift the bar as it pivots on one side.

Another fast and easy update is to take your toilet from basic to beautiful by just updating the lever. We had no idea how much of an impact this little switch would make but it really adds a finishing touch that we had never even thought of until we found them at Home Depot! (this model is by St. Thomas Creations for $59)

If your powder room is like ours, it is probably far too small to put in a table or cabinet to use for storage or to display accessories. I am also not a fan of placing anything on the toilet tank lid so we opted to go with a glass shelve for above the toilet. This is the perfect place to pile additional soaps or a decorative plant to add some extra character. Surprisingly you don’t have to spend a fortune at stores like Restoration Hardware to get a really high quality glass shelf, this little guy is only $22.50 at Home Depot!!!
We have shown you a couple pictures of our progress in the powder room, but the final and finished room is coming soon~
Cost effective ways to update your bathroom

3 thoughts on “Cost effective ways to update your bathroom

  1. We are just starting bathroom renovations TODAY. Tilers are coming to do our half and full baths.

    Thanks for the glass shelf tip. I think I might pick one or two of those up.

    Good luck with your reno!


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