Today Wren, my Mom, and I went out and did a little shopping, mainly looking for a couch for her living room, but of course checking out our favorite stores in between (aka Home Goods).
I had my eye on these enamel pantry shelf organizers a few weeks back and was happy to see them on clearance for $10 today so I grabbed a couple. They are great since you can easily read the labels when they are on high shelves, and of course they look cute!

My other, and perhaps my favorite find, were these bird portraits. I am not a fan of the gold trim on the frames so we will probably just touch them up with some black paint, but these might just be the pieces I was waiting for in the powder room. If they don’t look great in there I may put them in along a hallway:

All in all, a pretty successful day!

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  1. Those are great finds! I actually like the gold, but you have to do what works with what you like and have. Can’t wait to see where you hang them.


  2. I this cambria cove catalog in the mail the other day, these cute little white birds in a white dish were in there. I thought of you right away. Their site doesn’t show them for some reason (just the box), but I found them here plus $10 cheaper.
    If the link doesn’t work when you copy and paste you can search for them online. Gianna Rose Atelier Perched Pair Soaps with Dish


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