Cabin Fever

It is almost the time of year when we look forward to the balmy days of laying on the beach, floating for hours on a tube tied to the dock, diving off the back of the boat into the crispy coolness of the lake water. The evenings are equally relaxing as we sit around the fire pit roasting marshmallows or playing cards. This year we are looking forward to our time at the cabin even more since we will be sharing it with Wren. We can’t wait to include her in all our weekend rituals: stopping at the local grocery store as soon as we get in town before going to the cabin, collecting twigs and branches as kindling for the fire that blazes from the day we arrive until we leave, shopping for produce at the local farmers market, stopping one last time at the ice cream parlour on our way back home…

Here we were last summer, about 4 hours before we looked in the mirror and realize we both turned into lobsters:

Cabin Fever

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