Step 1: Remove Cabinets

I was so eager to get going that I started today! Sean kindly helped me remove the upper cabinets on one side of the kitchen. These are what created the dark hole feeling since they blocked a ton of great light from the bay windows in the eat in nook. This is the wall that will have a new window when the final renos happen, but for now I am going to paint this wall and put a shelf up. I know that most aren’t fans of open storage in a kitchen but I am one of the few who have always liked it!

Step 1 in many to come, but a big difference already~
p.s.- the dishwasher isn’t peeling, it is new and we have yet to remove the plastic protecting the stainless steel
Step 1: Remove Cabinets

9 thoughts on “Step 1: Remove Cabinets

  1. You mentioned in your last post about how you guys are no stranger to spraying cabinets. I too am in love with Layla’s cabinets over at The Lettered Cottage and I’m wondering if you guys actually did spray some old cabinets of yours bc we are thinking of tackling that soon. I don’t know if we should hand paint them all with a brush or get a paint sprayer or what. Any suggestions?? We are opposite of you and would be doing black cabinets, but it should be the same steps as white! p.s. Love what you guys have done already!


  2. Thanks klw21! If you look on the left hand side there is a link to our first house and we sprayed that entire kitchen! It is much faster and looks better if you use a professional paint sprayer (you can buy an attachment if you already have an air compressor, or you can rent them for a couple bucks at Home Depot). I highly recommend doing that way to avoid brush strokes or bristles ending up on your finished cabinets.
    Good luck!!!


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