Almost done!

This was the kitchen on the day of our home inspection (we can hardly believe that was already 9 months ago!)

Here is out kitchen today!! This was only about 6 or 7 hours of work, and will definitely hold us over until the big reno. The pictures came out a little more yellow than the true color because I took these pictures around 7 am with the rising sun shining directly in, so I will try and re-update with color corrected pics later this weekend.

We FINALLY took the plastic off the dishwasher! (although that made for easy painting LOL). This is pretty much our kitchen pride and joy since it is the only fancy appliance we have bought for our “future” kitchen.

Now we are off to the street fair!
Almost done!

49 thoughts on “Almost done!

  1. Have you considered trying the stuff that comes in a roll and looks exactly like stainless steel? Actually, I think it is stainless. That might really update the stove. You’ve done great and it looks completely different.


  2. Thanks so much everyone!! Darlene, I was thinking about it, but I only want to have stuff I regularly use otherwise it gets dusty. I may have to convice the hubby LOL.

    As for the counters, this is weird, but the edge of the laminate was finished with wood (see before photos). So I had to paint that part otherwise it would still be wood. The surface is still the same (unpainted) laminate.


  3. dr says:

    I love it! I really do love the white…but I’m so looking forward to painting my cabinets – black! Oh yeah – I sorta need a house first! LOL



  4. Will you do a cabinet painting tutorial? It looks professional! I noticed a sprayer in one of the photos. Do you guys prefer that over a mini foam roller?

    Thanks for any input!


  5. Hey Holly! Your kitchen looks amazing, but I was wondering if you sprayed the entire thing, or just the doors and then painted the outside of the cabinets by hand? My hubby and I are planning on tackling our kitchen cabinets soon and are debating on what would be the best overall way to paint them. Did you just tape everything off or what?


  6. I have a question for you. Before painting what did you do to prepare the cabinets? Just sand? the reason I am asking is I painted some oak cabinets white and within a year the paint started chipping off.


  7. Your kitchen looks stunning!!! Going to paint out my hiddeous oak cabinets too! I was wondering if you plan on making that cool hood vent over your stove like you did in your first home?


  8. wow! can you share your secrets? i want to paint my oak cabinets white. did you just paint them or are they new cabinets? PLEASE share.
    val.bateman @


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