Sensational Slipcovers

Great news for those of us with tons of slipcovered Ikea furniture: we can now get even more fabulous slipcovers!!! I recently discovered one of those online stores you think to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that???”. It is called BEMZ and they have a HUGE assortment of patterns and fabrics to make your cookie cutter Ikea sofa, chair or ottoman a little more unique. They manufacture slipcovers in the exact dimensions of Ikea products so there is absolutely no guess work.

Here are a few of the slipcovers I am loving for our various pieces of furniture that would be fun to alternate between throughout the year:

Sensational Slipcovers

7 thoughts on “Sensational Slipcovers

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! We purchased two Ikea chairs last weekend and (of course) went with white. This gives me even more options for the future!


  2. wow!!! your blog is costing me a lot of money and time today!!! now i want go to steam every veggie in my house to sneak in food for my kids…AND buy slipcovers!!! Wait till you hear from my husband! lol


  3. thanks for sharing. I totally need slipcovers for my dining chairs and just about everything these days. My two year old and dog just about leave their prints everywhere.


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