Keepin’ it Secure

Since I painted these frames and mounted the photos back in March I have not gotten around to actually hanging them. Worse still, I didn’t feel I could commit to punching holes in the walls just yet (I have patched about 600 holes from the previous owners and have been reluctant to hang anything). This giant blank wall in our foyer has been giving me a tough time as well since I found it difficult to conceive of a plan that would work around our security code panel and have an elegant, clean look to it.

In brief moment of decorating genius I realized that the frames have a hollow backside. Since we really only set the security system at night (from our bedroom) or as we leave (in the garage) this panel is rarely used.

So I covered it up!

Keepin’ it Secure

16 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Secure

  1. Great idea and it looks great! You would never know that stupid panel was back there! Plus, if you don't use it from that location ever, there's no reason for it to be visable!

    Great frames and cute pictures!


  2. I am confused..well how are you keeping the frames up without nails? I love what you did as always…and how did you get them so straight and even..i always have a hard time.


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