Photo Wall

My poor blog! I have not been very nice to her lately with all the lovely weather we have had, along with our Salsa Babies classes, shopping for Father’s Day (which also happens to be Sean’s big 25th birthday!!) and getting some yard work done we have been relatively slow on the decorating. To top it all off my beloved paint sprayer died on Tuesday. It is under a lifetime warranty so it will be replaced, but in the meantime I had a lot of painting I wanted to do so Sean actually went and got me a new one! Here was my first project with my new gun.

Last Friday I was at Home Goods doing a return and thought I would just browse the clearance (my favorite thing to do there). I saw a ton of frames that ranged in price from $1 to $3, some were scratched and dented, others were in perfect condition. I left with all these frames, and the total cost? $11.

I used the oyster gray mistint I picked up a couple weeks ago for $5, not wanting something too dark, but dark enough to pop a little against the wall color. After all the painting was done I thought they needed a little something ‘extra’ so I just scuffed them up with some sandpaper to let some of the original finishes show through.

After all our hard work I still can’t believe we have come so far from this:

Maybe I will add a couple more later on to round out the collection a little, but the powder room looks much better with something up on those walls. It is truly the only room in our house without a window so it needed something.
(excuse the brass doorknob, we have yet to change all of them)

Photo Wall

25 thoughts on “Photo Wall

  1. Cute frames! They look great. I am a new reader and hadn't seen your “before” pictures of the bathroom. I groaned out loud- your updated version is much better. :)


  2. I am in constant awe of your style! Just lovely!!

    I can't believe you scored so well at HomeGoods. I need to find one of those near me. Thanks for the tip!


  3. the frames look so good!!! what kind of paint did you use? do you need to do anything to the frames to prep them for the paint? thanks! love your blog!


  4. Gorgeous! I have a similar project set up this weekend for some old frames I've had lying around for far too long. I've got all my pictures ready to go but now I've just gotta go rent one of those spray guns… is Home Depot where you'd recommend to go for this rental?


  5. Uhhh! Love HomeGoods… Those frames are excellent finds, and you distressed them so gorgeously! I had to have a look around after coming over from Kimba's and your home is like a dream. I'm in love. You're oh so brave with all of that white (not for the messes, which I saw you addressed ^_^) but for picking such beautiful items that don't need color to show off their beauty. You really need to have an eye for shapes and textures when you limit yourself to one color. Brava, girlie! Glad to see another young couple, too! =)


  6. I had to give you a tip: you can spray paint your brass doorknobs! I use a hammered metallic pewter and they come out gorgeous! They're pretty durable too, and it saves a ton of money. Love your blog!


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