White Berry Reinvented

I can’t share all our exciting news just yet, but the part I am most excited to share is that I am starting a new business! I am refinishing and selling furniture just like the pieces I have shared so far as well as offering refinishing services on pieces people already own. Unfortunately due to shipping it is really only a local business, but never-the-less I am launching a website in the very near future which will showcase all the pieces as my inventory changes.

Last night was a bit of a milestone as I sold my first piece! I placed my ad and within minutes I had a buyer, within a couple hours I numerous emails, and as of today I have responded to countless people who are wondering if it is still for sale. The first buyer actually never showed up, so I offered it to the second email I received, and this is where I discovered how small a world it really is.

The email was from Rebecca, a regular reader and commenter as well as regular over at DecorPad! I was so excited. We dropped off the piece and met for the first time last night and let me tell you, as soon as I walked in I knew I had just made a new friend! Her living room is GORGEOUS and I recognized it immediately from DecorPad, and not only that but she decorates on a budget (I was shocked when she told me her stunning living room chandelier cost only $19!!!). We have exchanged numbers and several emails and plan on doing some thrift shopping together soon. How amazing is that?! and yes, I told her she needs to start a blog of her own~

Thanks for all the encouragement and support you have given me with your comments and emails! Until now I didn’t think anyone could possibly be interested in buying repainted furniture so the inspiration really came from all of you. And stay tuned for more on White Berry Reinvented.

White Berry Reinvented

43 thoughts on “White Berry Reinvented

  1. That is super exciting! How fun that your “knew” Rebecca already! I've been using Decorpad for about a year now. Love it! It would be totally exciting to accidentally meet someone from there. A little stalker-ish to just try to find them though. He he!


  2. I knew you had something like this up your sleeve!!!! I'm so excited for you! You have such a great talent and I'm so glad you're finding a niche. I wish I could buy many pieces from you for my potential clients, and we could “work” together in the future. Perhaps someday we can even from afar (you can always do accessories!!). I can't wait to see your new site, too! Congrats Holly!


  3. That is so exciting! Best of luck! That is so wonderful if it turns into your full time job, then you can make your own schedule and stay home with Wren! Plus it is something you love.


  4. yay! Congrats! That is awesome news. You are going to do a fabulous business. I just know it.
    I love your logo and i can't wait to see your site.

    I remember when i started my business i had excited feelings and nervous feelings all at once. Then it just all happens.

    Best of luck!


  5. Thank you so much everyone!!! Perhaps if it becomes affordable or if there is something someone is willing to pay shipping on I would be happy to send things by courier.

    Bryn, wouldn't that be amazing?! I am so happy you have so many clients these days. You have done such a wonderful job on everything.


  6. Thanks to you, all I have been thinking about lately is finding furniture to refurb for my home!

    Congrats on your new biz! It is such an admirable endeavor, starting your own biz. I wish you only the best and so much success to the point of overflow! =]

    I only wish you were local to me so I could buy your pieces!


  7. Awesome. Dudette…consider this your virtual pat on the back…you are my hero for starting your own business with a new baby AND a husband :)

    Seriously…Congratulations and if anyone can do this, it's you.

    XO – Katie


  8. I'm so glad to read this. I was just telling my mom last night about your blog and how you make ugly furniture with great lines look amazing with a little elbow grease and some white paint. You're such an inspiration, and I know your business will be booming!


  9. Hi Holly,

    I just found your blog from your comment on Bryn's DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview. I am stunned at how beautifully you have renovated and decorated your house and life.

    You have incredible talent and I'm excited to start following your blog.


  10. Congrats on the new business! That's so exciting! You didn't mention where you live so we know if we are “local” to you to be able to purchase. I know you had mentioned you were from the West Coast in a previous post, so I am crossing my fingers that I am going to be able to scoop on some of your lovely handiwork :) (I'm in Victoria, BC)


  11. Just found your blog. I was smiling when I read this post. I mentioned this same idea to my husband a few months ago and he thought I was crazy. I'm so glad someone else thinks like me! I love refinishing old pieces and thought this would be a good and fun business to go into! Good luck!



  12. Yay! Congratulations, Holly! Good luck, you are sure to be a success!! Love the name too:) I was away for 2 weeks on vacation and I couldn't believe the amount of work and posts that you got done while I was gone. All the new white pieces are to die for. You have such a great vision!!!


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