7 Months Old

We cannot believe that Wren is 7 months old this weekend! She is growing like a little weed.

She has a love of daisies. They grow like crazy in the backyard and she enjoys grabbing and pulling at them.

Apparently roses are a little more delicate…

She just discovered the joy of fisher price rings and has lately spent many an hour playing, chewing and talking with them.

Happy 7 month Birthday Wren Berry~
7 Months Old

35 thoughts on “7 Months Old

  1. You know how people will tell you you're baby is the most adorable baby they've ever seen? When really they are just being nice? lol I can honestly say Wren IS the most adorable baby I've EVER seen! She's precious! & it makes me smile that she's such a happy baby!! :)


  2. Aw, she is so cute!!! Hey–remember when you posted about all the adorable Dr. Suess onesies you bought? I'd love to see some photos of Wren wearing them if you have any! I bet they are adorable!


  3. Hi Katie, I am on my blackberry right now so I can't link you, but search “shaggy raggy rugs” and you will find a few stores. Wren's was actually pink and I bleached it (see blog post “rug recycle” from October)



  4. Little Wren is a beauty! She has such a sparkle of joy in her eyes and always looks delighted to be in your photos! What a happy baby (and I'm sure a happy Mommy to have such a happy baby!).


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