Dresser Redesign

WhiteBerry Reinvented July 23, 2009

I found this gem a few weeks ago, complete with the matching mirror. Obviously someone’s dog also thought it was a gem because it had chewed and scratched it pretty well along the bottom. Rough, yes, but lots of potential!
Due to our crazy life these days I didn’t take any “in progress” shots. But a quick outline of what was done goes as follows:
-remove old harware
-chip off the old front piece on the drawers (definitely not as fast or easy as the china cabinet since this baby is solid wood)
-sand the chipped drawers
-wood fill hardware holes
-paint the entire piece a warm slate grey
-grey-wash the top in a darker coal grey
-install new hardware

I really wanted to hang the black mirror horizontally above it in our bedroom for now (our home is my “showroom” for now so things change daily around here) but I have an armoire piece I am doing that needs to go there for now.

The top turned out really well! Even I was surprised LOL.

You can even see the wood grain come through all that paint!

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  1. Ray Ray says on July 23, 2009

    I just discovered your blog and I love it!! This dresser is stunning. How did you paint the top? Do you explain this process in a different post?


  2. Suzy says on July 23, 2009

    I absolutely LOVE it! Im actually on the hunt for a piece of furniture like that right now.

    Did you sand the how thing before applying primer/paint?


  3. Aja says on July 23, 2009

    I LOVE this! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and am so inspired by your furniture revamps. I feel a strong need to get myself to Goodwill and paint something white! :)


  4. Sarah says on July 23, 2009

    Wow, Holly! You are totally kicking butt lately with all these furniture redos!!! They are gorgeous! Love the grey and dark hardware. You are going to take off fast:)


  5. Emily says on July 23, 2009

    This post came at the perfect time. My parents just bought a lake house and we found a very similar dresser in the garage. We've been debating what to do with it…now I know! :)


  6. Shannon and Carey says on July 23, 2009

    Oh man. oh man. Oh man. That's just beautiful. Thank you for the much needed help the other day when I emailed you. I am starting on the project in another week or so. Gearing up for that beautiful new paint sprayer too!
    Happy Sanding,
    Shannon in Austin


  7. Taryn says on July 23, 2009

    I love what you do to stuff. You are an inspirations! (You moved the big window? I still love it.)


  8. Kayla says on July 23, 2009

    Wow, that is amazing! I wish I lived closer so that you could do a piece for me!! I tried refinishing a bookshelf to look like that but it come out looking nothing like it! How do you get it distressed so well???


  9. Erin Kathleen says on July 23, 2009

    Wow, that's really beautiful! I wish I had your touch. I'm trying to do that with a piece I found and I'm so scared I'll ruin it…


  10. ezza says on July 23, 2009

    wow!! great job!!! it looks great right there. how many different pieces have you switched out there now?? :) and every one has looked so good!


  11. Nancy says on July 23, 2009

    I'm speechless!!! You did such a great job!! I wouldn't know where to begin or end when distressing! I also love the window above! Amazing!


  12. Holly and Sean says on July 23, 2009

    Thanks a million everyone! The reason that the window is now on this piece is that it is the same wall the window was on before but I sold the dresser it was on previously. So you will probably see a lot of similar “props” in the same areas, just on different pieces as they sell.

    To answer all the painting and sanding questions I am actually going to start a new frequently asked question link in the new day so keep your eyes peeled ;)


  13. Mel says on July 24, 2009

    I've been following your blog for a while and this is my first time to comment! I love white furniture and you do such a great job at refinishing everything. You make it look easy…so easy that I'm attempting to refinish a roll top desk I bought off craigslist and it's not easy. It's not easy at all. I've primed it and that's as far as I've gone! Hopefully it'll turn out half as cute as some of the things you've done.


  14. Cindy says on July 24, 2009

    Oh Geeze! That is great! Thanks for the ideas! I was stuck on my current project…couldn't get the top right. Now I know what I'm going to do!


  15. Embellished Bayou says on July 24, 2009

    That doesn't even look like the same dresser, I love it! It matches the two pieces in my dining room perfectly, when can I come pick it up? ;)


  16. Rebecca says on July 24, 2009

    Love the new dresser redo Holly!!! I wish I had that kind of talent!!! PS- Im lovin my new dresser!!! I already got a few compliments on it!!


  17. Jenn says on July 24, 2009

    I just found your blog, and you have the most amazing house! You have inspired me! And your family is beautiful!


  18. clgarrett says on July 24, 2009

    once again I am completely AMAZED! this is so beautiful and so Pottery Barn but at a fraction of the price!

    i would love to hear more about your painting process…



  19. Perch Home says on July 25, 2009

    That looks amazing…so smart to chip off the extra layer of wood on the fronts of the drawers…i've seen pieces like that and walked by, next time I'll think twice. Glad to find your blog.


  20. lambie-pie says on July 26, 2009

    I liked the other dresser your big mirror was on, but I like this one even more so I hope you keep it! I love the top, how it looks kind of old and weathered and the wood shows through, and I really love the drawer pulls.


  21. blondiensc says on July 27, 2009

    Girl, this dresser look amazing. I have been reading your blog for the last hour, I stumbled upon it, and well I am sure you know how that goes and here I am. Your house is gorgeous and your talent is amazing!! I am hooked….what is that saying hook, line and sinker, yup that is me! :)


  22. Rachael says on July 27, 2009

    Holly, I Love your blog! I have just recently found it – but I'm almost caught up on all the archives!
    I'm dying to know where you bought your hardware for this piece. I'm currently re-doing a dresser and have been looking for those type cup pulls.
    Thanks a mill!


  23. Michelle says on July 29, 2009

    I love love love your blog. I'm new to the blog world, so i haven't left any messages anywhere. I was just wondering where you got the handles for the dresser and the armoire?


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