Bedroom Armoire

The previous owners of this cabinet took a lot of time and brown paint to give it an update a few years ago. This is one of my first pieces that I have had to “refinish” over a previous paint job, so I wasn’t sure whether it was worth my time and effort to sand down old roller marks and brush strokes. I decided that it wasn’t worth it, which really made it a fast project.

As always, the before:

The After:

It is set up to hold a TV, but I also added 2 shelves inside so I can house sweaters or jeans (until it goes to a new home, that is) since it is in our master bedroom right now.

Just a minimal amount of distressing. I like the contrast of the chocolate brown coming through the minty-celadon green.

Bedroom Armoire

28 thoughts on “Bedroom Armoire

  1. A-m-a-z-i-n-g job, once again! :) I have been searching my local craigslist for items but I just get so overwhelmed!?! Any tips as far as what a good $$ is and what to look for in a piece? TIA for any help/advise!

    I am totally loving your blog and your name, btw! My name is Holly as well so when I pulled-up your blog to show my husband your fantastic work he asked me why my name was signed on the bottom… duh- I'm not the only *Holly* in this world! :-P

    Thanks for sharing! And keep 'em comin'! If you run out of room in your house- I have plenty of room for your pieces in my house! ;)


  2. As always, love, love. It would be so cool to list your paint colors used! I am always intrigued by the light greys, greens, and creamy whites that blend so well together!


  3. hi holly! i just found your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! i just love everything in your home including that sweet bald baby head! too sweet! i want to repaint some of my furniture but it seems too hard! i need step by step direction! i need to keep reading to find out! i just started a blog, i would love for you to come visit! i am a follower and looking forward to more! thanks! julie


  4. Another fantastic transformation! I am refinishing a desk I bought on CL and I am loving those half moon handles. I am going to pick up some from Lowes. Is is hard to let go “sell” the furniture? I would have a hard time parting with some of those pieces. I guess for the right price- anything is for sale! LOL! I guess it is really nice swap out furniture, then you never get board with anything:) Kelly


  5. Thank you so much everyone!!!

    To answer a few questions, YES! It is hard to sell some of them. They all have a little place in my heart and a little of my imagination, but I feel good when I see them go to good homes.

    As of right now I have such a back log of furniture in the garage to be done that when people come to view, almost anything they ask about is available. I need to clear out room for all my finished pieces, and they just don't look as fabulous in a garage LOL. Yesterday I had a buyer come by to look at one piece and she actually bought a completely different one and is now waiting on 2 of my unfinished pieces as well for her new condo. So it all depends, I don't actively try to sell everything but it usually has a price in my head already.


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