Antique Dresser

When I saw this guy at the thrift store I new right away that it was meant to be mine! With only a few scratches, it really only needed a new coat of paint and some crystal knobs. I am not sure where it will end up because it is definitely a little small for the living room wall, but I am not sure I could ever sell this one!

Antique Dresser

26 thoughts on “Antique Dresser

  1. Eeeek!!!! (that was my squeal of delight) Antique dresser combined with driftwood?! Amazing combo!!! You keep outdoing yourself, Holly! Glad the new business is launching so well:)


  2. What a great find! Your a lucky duck! :) My thrift store isn't great. Would you have a spot for the dresser in a guest room? That would be a perfect little storage space for company.


  3. Love the little dresser! It reminds me of a buffet, my goodness it could be so many things.
    I love the driftwood too – they look just beautiful on the wall.


  4. I found your blog a couple months ago and have been totally inspired by your furniture makeover's. So inspired that I searched my Craigslist, found an old dresser and attempted to paint it with on off the shelf paint sprayer with disasterous results. Paint splatter everywhere! I'm taking it back today and and going to try your brand of sprayer. I appreciate all your FAQ's section but would love to know if you dilute your paint with water before putting it in your paint sprayer?

    You have such vision…thanks for all the inspiration.


  5. Hi, Holly! I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now, and your furniture makeovers are amazing! I keep thinking you must have a ton of room in your house for all these dressers.


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