Driftwood Art

Remember when I found all that awesome driftwood at the cabin? Well I finally did something with it! We had a pretty big, blank wall in our living room (part of the reason why I haven’t shared our living room transformation yet!) that needed something interesting on it. I debated on whether to do a wall of prints or perhaps a map but then it dawned on me to mount these. They give the room a unique and beachy touch and for only $8 in hardware it was probably the most inexpensive art I could ever find!

Driftwood Art

13 thoughts on “Driftwood Art

  1. I love it! I think it would be cool if you continue to collect driftwood over time and add. I think adding a few more on the diagonal would be fabulous! You are so creative. Love your style!


  2. this is very cool! it makes such a great, simple statement. What kind of hardware do you use to mount something like that? I have some oars i'd like to hang, and haven't the foggiest idea how.


  3. I think that sideboard would work in that space (you mentioned you thought it was small?) if you just moved it over to the right a foot and a half or so. Especially with the driftwood at that height, the smaller sideboard seems like it can work =)


  4. I'd like to refresh Bethany's question: I also have several pieces of driftwood I want to hang. What kind of hardware did you use?

    I'm getting a little desperate, my husband wants to wrap wire around all of my driftwood and I'm trying to convince him it's not necessary!! (though I can imagine in some cases the wire might be intersting, just not what I'm going for).

    Thanks for sharing! I love your driftwood display! I will definitely be sharing it with my husband :).


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