80’s dresser

Wow, I was just through with my second coat of paint on this guy when it dawned on me “You didn’t take a before shot!!!”. I can’t believe I forgot, because you would hardly believe just how hideous it was. I once again had a lot of decorative drawer fronts to chip and chisel off which was the most time consuming part.

I stripped the top and “stained” it to look like aged, greyed wood which is one of my favorite looks right now whether it is with wicker baskets or furniture.

It kind of reminds of something that belongs in a lab, but I LOVE it! LOL
80’s dresser

28 thoughts on “80’s dresser

  1. wow! great job! I know it's a lot of hard work.
    Was this all real wood? or was some of it laminate?
    being from the 80's, I would think laminate?
    just curious!


  2. Suzy, if you have a Home Goods definitely check them out! I think I paid between $5 and $11 for all those.

    Gail, it is all wood. I try and steer clear of laminate. I don't think even my skills could conquer laminate yet LOL.


  3. Holly that is so amazing… You have given me so many great ideas. My husband and I just bought a home and now I get to dabble in all the home decorating adventures. I am going to be painting my end tables and coffee table white and destressing them some. My question is, do you destress you stuff after all your paint is on but before you varnish?

    Also, on the 80's dresser, did you use a watered down paint or what did you use to stain the top of the dresser.

    Thanks for all your amazing ideas!


  4. Wow girl, another great transformation! I la-la-love it! Seriously, looks straight from House Beautiful. Yowzers!

    {I do not mean to critique, but I'd hope you'd do the same for me :) Sometimes it's hard to see all the angles, but don't forget the bottom panel near the floor! Maybe it's just my eyes, but it looks like it needs paint. Just thought I'd make sure you saw it! Oh, I feel like a dork now}


  5. That is so pretty!!

    How is Wren doing? Is she crawiling all over the place now? When you have time, you will have to post some pics of Miss Wren- ahe is so adorable!!


  6. that washed swedish gray color is my favorite. Not like this piece wouldn't have been gorgeous anyway, but this really takes it a notch up in my book! fantastic job as usual!!

    And that urn looks great up there!


  7. Thanks so much for all the comments everyone!!!

    To answer a few about the grey top here is what I did:
    -sand the top down to raw wood
    -take a cup of water and add a few teaspoons of paint (I used the dark grey paint I used on the edges) so it is really only tinted water, not watered down paint.
    -take a brush and apply to the surface. It takes 5 or 6 coats to get it, but you need to do it this way so that the wood slowly soaks it up. If you use too much paint it will just coat the top, and you want it to really soak in.
    -sand a little to give it an uneven-ness
    -seal it up with verathane

    Hope that helps!!


  8. * Oh my goooodness, but you're GOOD, Holly! THIS IS STUNNING!!! (And it~ the “ugly OLD way it WAS!”~ just MIGHT have been “ours” mannnny moons ago, come to think of it!!!).

    It looks soooo good THIS WAY with YOUR talents at work!!! (I've always had a weakness for, what do they call it, “TWISTED” woods? I can't remember at moment!

    Anyhoooo, K*U*D*O*S to you!!!

    Linda in AZ &


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