What does it say

about your state of mind when you can hardly remember what day of the week it is? Thank goodness the health clinic called to remind us about Wren’s shots tomorrow otherwise lord knows we would have definitely forgot! I can’t believe how fast the days fly by and how many go between each blog post. I have sooo many things to show and share, can you believe that finding the time to even take a picture of them is getting hard? Talk about hectic. I am really excited though because Sean is helping me set up my very own studio in one half of our garage. We have A LOT of things to move/toss in order to make it work, but I will be happy to have a space to keep all my paint and tools instead of waiting on the weather to do it in the yard and then dragging it all out there.

Hmmm, besides that we have been busy keeping up with all of Wren’s playgroups and playdates, helping my parents throw a big bash last Saturday, oh and did I mention that my sister asked me on Saturday to be her maid of honor (Hi Torri & Braeden!)?!

I have made a vow to break out the camera and catch you all up this week!

What does it say

9 thoughts on “What does it say

  1. OOOhhhh a studio?!?! Jealous! It will come in handy I am sure for those fabulous furniture makeovers. Make sure you give us a tour so that we can all turn green with envy :)

    XO – Katie


  2. I wish I had my own workspace too! I always back the cars out of the garage, but then the floor is covered in spray paint, stain, or whatever I'm working with, lol! Someday, I'll have my own space!


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