8 Months Old

It is getting harder and harder to get clear pictures of Wren because she is always on the go! (and I prefer not to use flash). Yesterday she turned 8 months old. She weighs in at 16 pounds (a far cry from the 4 pound, 9 ounces she weighed when we brought her home!) and while she may be small, she sure thinks she is a big girl! She crawls, stands, LOVES to walk and of course her favorite toys are not toys at all, they are dogs. She finally has some hair, and while it is really getting longer it is still soooo fine that you can barely make it out in pictures and I think it may even be a little red!

If you have not seen baby ruffles around you have to take a look! They are like baby legs, but are ruffled for girls and go over their feet too, which I really like. Oh yeah, and they come in the most elusive baby clothing color: black!
8 Months Old

32 thoughts on “8 Months Old

  1. Oooh! Oooh!! Where did you find your baby ruffles?! I use the baby legs for my DD & love them… but to have feet on them would be even better!

    Wren is too cute for words!! Congratulations on such a healthy & adorable daughter!


  2. So cute!
    A year ago while attending a baby and mommy class, the teacher commented on how she had never seen a child wear so much black…referring to my daughter.


  3. She is precious…and I LOVE her name!

    I was reading back through your entries and wondered, did you ever show the AFTER pictures of the bathroom redo you were beginning right before you went into early labor with Wren?


  4. She is such a CUTIE! It's funny, I hit 36 weeks today, and remember reading on your blog that you had her at 35 weeks. ;0) She has grown so much, and I need some of those baby ruffles!


  5. she is adorable and reminds me very much of my 2 1/2 year old. she was a mover and shaker at 4 months old and never stopped since but they are lots of fun.

    the ruffles are adorable!!


  6. hey holly! by golly! what a cutie! i just want to pinch those cheeks! love that crib! my little girl had the same crib however, we just replaced it with a big girl bed! boohoo! i will be posting on that one soon! it does go so fast! thank goodness for pictures! enjoy!


  7. Oh my! I can't believe how big she's getting!!!! Isn't it so much different now that she's on the move??!

    I wonder if Isabel will be able to wear the ruffles? I have some baby legs for her, but she can't wear them…her thighs are too chunky!!!! (and i'm afraid it'll cut off circulation or something)


  8. What a cutie she is! I'm loving her name. My Olivia will turn 8 months next week so our little ones are about a week apart. I know what you mean about not being able to get a good picture! I love your blog and your new creative endevour!


  9. Can't believe I've been following your blog for so long! Shes such a beautiful little girl! You two have been truly blessed with a little doll!

    I know I don't know you and the hubby at all, but dare I say she looks A LOT like him in that 2nd picture!


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