13 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Oh my gosh, I almost threw out some really ugly hardware just yesterday. Now I am glad that I hung onto it, Doh, why didn't I think of some paint and a frame?

    Congrats on your guest post!


  2. Wow! I found your blog while I was looking around thenest.com today. I'm now totally hooked on your blog! I'm currently trying to decorate my very first apartment, so THANK YOU for writing what you pay and your before and after projects. It's inspiring!


  3. Loving your blog…an inspiration to those starting out to see what can be done with a bit of hard work and small amount of money….I adore the distressed look, not so much on me but my furniture :)…Its an ideal look for those with children and pets as a few more knocks and chips add to the appeal…I will be back
    Bye from sunny UK…yeah right lol xx


  4. A post of yours that I haven't read. :) I don't usually comment on your blog;mostly because I know you're super busy. So I try to be more meaningful and say something besides ooh and ahh, love it, so cool, etc etc, when leaving comments on the blogs that I know are swamped. However, you're going to get the COOL project generic comment from me on this. I re-paint furniture also but am not quite as far along in the business as WhiteBerry is… someday it'll be there, but, I had to say COOL because I had been wondering what the heck to do with all the junky knobs besides try to pawn them off on in an Ebay lot. lol So thank you. Wren is absolutely darling in all her photos. Especially the book post you did a while back. So I thought I'd get all my Ooohs and Aaaahs in one comment.

    I may be compelled to leave another in a few months. In the meantime, I always love your posts. They've encouraged me on many levels. For that I'm so very grateful to you. You have made me feel okay about putting myself out there. Thank you Holly.

    Blessing to you and your little family,


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