REALLY tacky cabinet

I took a bit of a risk on this one. The ad said “intricate old armoire”, no picture. But the price was right, so Sean picked it up on his way home from work a few weeks ago calling me on the way to say I would LOVE it. Right he was!

Yes, there was plenty of the usual ugliness: bad hardware, too much details on the doors, hideous stain… but it also had cute doors and a good shape.

So I chipped off a few things I thought were “over the top”. When I chip things off, I don’t know why but I sometimes keep them. Like the crazy curly-cues on this dining room cabinet:

But in this case it served me well! Because after all was done I thought the top drawer was just a little too plain, so I added one of the old curly-cues and painted it up.

(the wall paper behind the cabinet is left over from a BIG project I have been working on for weeks now, and can’t wait to share)

I really picture this piece in a little girls bedroom for some reason, hence the styling, but it would be perfect for any bedroom corner, or even a kitchen.

REALLY tacky cabinet

36 thoughts on “REALLY tacky cabinet

  1. BRAVO! You have totally inspired me to paint my old ugly dresser instead of get rid of it. Looks fabulous…however, the drawers now stick when I try to pull them out. I have to give them a big tug to pop them out. Do you ever have the problem? If so, what do you do to fix it?


  2. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    I would love to come to texas Jess ;) we'd have a blast~

    As for sticky drawers, it really depends on what type of drawer it is. Some just sit on wood slats and some are on a track. If it is just on wood slats I would recommend sanding the bottom of the drawer with fine grit sand paper to make it smoother. If it is on a track you make have to buy new hardware if the track is bent or warped.
    Good luck!


  3. Ooops, forgot to answer about the wall paper. Can you believe that is from Home Depot??? Yeah, I was shocked too! It took me 3 different stores to track it down, but a few locations have specialty design wall paper so check your local stores, it was only $38 per roll!


  4. Wow! Seriously, I was wondering what you could possibly do to make that thing look OK. Wow!
    I just love your transformations and yes, it's very inspiring. I just don't have the time or the space, or the babysitter!! Might have to order something up from you sometime.


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