Thank You Rebecca!!!

On Thursday our friend Rebecca came bearing gifts. If you are a reader of her blog you already know about her amazing feather-working skills, but I was completely blown away when she brought Wren a gorgeous headband and a matching clip for myself! They really are 100 times more beautiful in person, with tons of tiny little details. I am going to hassel her until she finally gives in and starts selling them to local baby boutiques for all us Mom’s of bald-headed babies out there. Plus, it’s a perfectly good excuse to make Wren vogue it up for the camera, right?? (I swear this baby is going to grow up thinking she is Cindy Crawford or something with the amount of pictures we do around here…)

Thanks again Rebecca!!

Thank You Rebecca!!!

24 thoughts on “Thank You Rebecca!!!

  1. those are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! love them! my daughter didn't even have enough hair for a pony tail on her 2nd birthday…and my son was full of hair! go figure! people thought she was a boy…and he was a girl. i NEEDED those feathers for her. :)


  2. How stunning! In the first and second picture respectively, Wren especially looks SO adorable (what cute expressions she has), and you look amazingly beautiful :)
    (I wish I could throw may hair up the way yours always looks so perfectly effortless)

    I love what lovely photos you are able to capture of your family, on your own. Totally no need for any special appointments with professionals and their fees.

    Also, I totally want one of her feather clips…what would it take for her to sell me one, I wonder?


  3. REBECCA____ Where can I buy a headband online from you? Don't you want to sell on etsy?! Come on…

    And I have been looking for the cutie Huggalug Ruffles EVERYWHERE and I still have not found the ones with footies…is Canada just more fashion forward?!


  4. Those are so cute! I love that they compliment each other so well. I also wish they'd had these things when I was a baby. I too was a bald one, and my mother used to tape my bows in my hair! In a few of my baby pictures you can see bits of tape sticking out here and there! Hehe.


  5. Holly!!!! OMG you are so welcome! Trust me, its the least I could do for how helpful you have been to me. Not to mention how much more fun living here just became!

    You and Wren look absolutely STUNNING!!! And nevermind the hair pieces…those are such pretty shots of you and Wren! Seriously you two have to be the most beautiful mother/daughter pair I have ever seen. It's not trick photography either…you two are even more beautiful in person.

    I am so happy you like the hair pieces though. I seriously just made them as a fun craft…I'm actually pretty surprised at the response. I might just have to look into the Etsy thing :)
    Thank you Holly and everyone! I'm so glad you guys like them!


  6. Wow, they look great! Rebecca is my sister (I am the lucky one who got a hair feather for Christmas). I am so proud of her, she is so creative…unlike me! The feather looks adorable on your baby and beautiful on you :)
    Thank you for introducing her into the blog world and helping her realize her true creative potential.



  7. oh gosh! i already informed Rebecca of how lovely i thought her creations were but boy oh boy does this make me yearn for a baby girl. i'm sure my almost 2 year old son wouldn't mind a little sister around. …and if she's as bald as he was for so long, what a way to showcase that adorable baby baldness. thanks for sharing!


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