Botanical Beauty

Monday was an extremely productive day! Not only did I get through my list, but I also finished a second 9 drawer dresser. Since that dresser is now one of my favorites I thought I would share it first.

This dresser was in really great shape to begin with so I didn’t want to dent, ding and wear it down too dramatically. I actually really love the engravings on the drawer fronts, which resemble vines to me so I decided to play up that aspect. I could just envision this dresser and it’s aged brass pulls in a sunroom, garden shed, or a glamorous green house (would love to find one of those!). Or then again it would look just lovely in any living room, kitchen or dining room.

Botanical Beauty

34 thoughts on “Botanical Beauty

  1. I hope you can help..I've been in a painting furniture nightmare. What spray gun do you use? I've tried sanding priming with oil base primer and painting and the finish is just not great(and paint is peeling) I've tried spray painting…but it ends up needing too many cans which makes it too expensive (and the piece smells like toxic fumes) I'm about to scrap my whole project and throw it all in the dump..HEELLLPPPP!!


  2. wow it looks stunning! i'm curious to know what your steps are in the process? i can't believe that you can start and finish painting a piece of furniture in one day! i thought you had to wait for it to dry before painting more coats? do you sand? do you prime? how many coats of paint do you paint? how long do you wait in between coats?


  3. Hi! I am new here..
    After I did a post today.. a friend gave me your address and told me I would like your blog.. and I do! I love white and I love that you recycle the furniture to make it lovely! :)

    Lovely piece! Lovely Blog!
    I'm a follower!


  4. Ummm Ok this just might be my new favorite piece!! (tied with the bookcase and the beauty with the bowed drawers!). Love the white with contrasing brass handles. I was so excited to see all your new transformations when I got home from Vegas!


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