Modern Pulls

I thought I had lifted heavy dressers before, but wow! Nothing compared to the weight of this guy. I decided yet again to leave the trim and center medallion on the few that have them for two reasons:
1. It wasn’t overly tacky and gaudy
2. In order to remove the center pieces I would have to remove the outter trim, which I actually really love.

So the dresser and I met in the middle and agreed on a simple paint job and distressing.

I thought a contrast between more modern pulls and the old look of the trim was perfect!

Sean decided that the three more embellished drawers look much better at the top and I definitely agree!

Modern Pulls

15 thoughts on “Modern Pulls

  1. I just love your blog. I rush over to check out your new projects while I am looking at my long list of favorites (you joined it!). I am currently living in Japan but can't wait until I live in the U.S. again and can frequent thrift stores and try some of these things out. It amazes me that you have such a vision for the pieces. You also decorate the pieces so beautifully and they look like they jumped out of the pages of a decorating magazine. Keep up the awesome work!


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