Wren’s Bathroom

Even though I have primarily been sharing my furniture lately, it has been business as usual as far as our renos are concerned. We have been working on the not-so glamorous aspects like recessed lighting, baseboards and adding plinths to the bottoms of the doors. All necessary, yet not so exciting parts of renovations. But as we tie up the various loose ends we are looking to start our next room reno. Lucky for little Wren that happens to be her bathroom. It is a room we nearly forgot existed since it was piled to the rafters with boxes, mattresses and bed frames from our bedroom and the guest room as those rooms had flooring installed, etc. Just this week Sean cleared it all out as the time came to set up the guest room now that it is done and we were amazed at just how big this room was. We had barely set foot in it since last August if you can believe it!
Here is a look at the frilly shower curtains, dated wallpaper, and pink counters that currently inhabit the room:

We plan to do this bathroom on a shoestring budget (like usual), the biggest splurge will be a custom marble counter top for a dresser I am turning in to her vanity. Everything else will be done by us!
On the agenda:
-find, paint and convert dresser into vanity
-rip out and install new marble tiles for floor
-rip out exsiting tile surround on tub and install subway tile
-remove wall paper and paint walls
-remove mirror and hang the black mirror from our old dining room
Sounds simple, huh? It always does until you are living amidst the chaos that is renovating.
But we hope to start the demo in the next week!
Wren’s Bathroom

15 thoughts on “Wren’s Bathroom

  1. This bathroom has a lot of great usable space!!! I love the subway tile in the tub, can not wait to see your finish product.

    I see a Starbucks cup on the counter… you are going to need a few of these.. Go GO Go!!!


  2. That sounds like it's going to be beautiful…

    You know something erie about your bathroom. It's look almost exactly like what my grandma's bathroom looked like in TN. It was pink and even had a pink sink and pink toilet… Oh it was a beaut. :)

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!


  3. I have to tell you…

    I found your blog today, and cannot look away, love love love it.

    Were moving into our first home next week, and I have a frew thrifted treasures waiting to be repainted, love your tips… so helpfull..

    can't wait to see what you do with this bathroom.


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