Table and Cabinet

Isn’t this little table brimming with potential?
He looked so lonely without the companion table I am sure he used to belong with. But I am more of a fan of the mismatched look anyhow so he is just fine on his own.

I painted the insides of the diamonds (or whatever that shape is, perhaps clovers?) a shade just smidge grey-er.

I think he is one cute little guy now!

This cabinet has been on my to-do list for AGES! I actually had it completely painted (inside and out for those who ask regularly), but just never got around to adding hardware.

I thought the Less is More ideology was best for this one and left it with one handle per drawer. My favorite part is actually the two zinc knobs and their back plate. I think my friend Rebecca described them best in the store when she said they felt very “Alice in Wonderland” when she was trying to open the door at the bottom of the hole.
I am hoping both end up in loving new homes, but I would be just as happy (as always!) to leave them here.
Table and Cabinet

30 thoughts on “Table and Cabinet

  1. I just found your blog today while randomly googling a decorating idea. Your blog is AMAZING and your work is out of this world! I hope you don't mind if I check back often. We just bought a house and I have been wanting to vamp up old furniture. Thanks for the inspiration! You should have your own show!


  2. I just now found your blog through Better After and I am simply impressed!! Wow, you do beautiful work. I am excited to explore your blog more. I'm a new follower too! :)


  3. Ok. New blog stalker here… I'm in awe of your handywork girl! I'm just starting my first official repurposing/ refinishing furniture project… and hoping mine comes out as well as your projects have!! So seriously impressed


  4. Wonderful makeovers , I love this kind of thing , and a Canadian gal with loads of style how nice to see . I am Canadian too , ya see .
    You must tell me what camera you have ,, your photos are great.
    Just Beachy '


  5. Thank you Everyone!!!
    Kaylee, the inside of the cabinet has a shelf so you could fold clothes and stack 'em up.

    Howdy to all my fellow Canadians!!! I am so happy to hear we have some more stylin' Canadian girls around.

    As for the Camera and photography: I use the Canon Rebel. I have no real preference for a certain time of day or light source. I actually take many of my pictures later in the evening or on cloudy days, but if you work with the settings really well it is easier to fake a sunny day LOL.


  6. Amazing!!! My favorite was that table… looks so goo dnow :) Dont you just love doing up old furniture?? My favorite thing as well… my entire home is furnished in old furniture from fleamarkets… that I have repainted and given new life! :)


  7. Just randomly found your website while looking through my long list of decor blogs. LOVE YOUR SITE! We're thinking about buying a house soon (fingers crossed!) and you are inspiring me to find and repurpose (and paint!) old furniture.

    FYI – the diamond shape you are referring to on the small table is actually called a “quatrefoil” (means “four-leaf”) and it is a medieval motif. There is also a three-leaf version called a “trefoil”. I am completely obsessed with both shapes and I love it when I see them pop up on modern pieces!


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