new dining room sneak peek!

It has just been one of those crazy weeks around here! Mainly in a good way except for the cold that is circulating through the house. So of course I realize that yet again I have forgotten to take a before shot. This is the closest I came. I am sure you get the idea: tacky wood, abundant amounts of tufting, and puke green/yellow crushed velvet.

My hands were literally bleeding while working on these and are stilled cramped up from prying so many staples out and then using the stapler to re-apply new fabric. Upholstery is definitely not as fun as painting!!!

I found 1 meter of greyish-blue velvet (used on the seat backs), 2 meters of striped upholstery linen (used on the seats) and 1 meter of silver taffeta (used on the backs) all in a cast-off bin at my local fabric store which definitely made my wallet very happy. In total it all came to $35!

I did a variation on the seats. Some have silver and cream stripes

And some have dark grey velvet and cream stripes.
I still have a few touch ups to make to everything, not to mention some furniture to move. But I’ll have th whole set ready to share very soon~
new dining room sneak peek!

36 thoughts on “new dining room sneak peek!

  1. Wow Holly, as always, those look gorgeous! Do you happen to know the maker and color of the gray/ blue fabric? I have a project that I want to use that exact fabric on. (I'm sure I won't get the steal of a deal you did though.)


  2. Holly its stunning!!! Your poor hands! I hope they are starting to heal since they were still sore yesterday! You did a great job on the upholstery and the fabrics are gorgeous…I can't wait to see the whole dining get up! Looks like its going to be a dining room set fit for Marie Antoinette!


  3. Wow.. My friend told me about your blog and work is amazing.. What kind of paint do you use? How do you distress like that? I have tried so many times and have never been successful..


  4. I am new to the blogging world and happened to stumble on to your blog a couple weeks ago. I have been so inspired by the seemingly outdated pieces you find and then are able to turn into beautiful pieces of furntire anyone would be happy to own. I also wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in a recent post on my own blog because of how inspired I have been. I also think Wren is absolutel beautiful.


  5. Hi –

    I have really been enjoying your blog!

    I noticed that your Halloween post was no longer up. I'm glad that I read it when I did – you gave such great ideas in it!

    Good luck with all the projects and with your new shop! Keep the posts coming they are very fun!!


  6. Thank you so much everyone!!

    As for the fabric, I can honestly say that I have no idea what so ever as to the manufacturer. Sorry that is absolutely no help to anyone~

    And the Halloween post should still be there Just Ask! Just scroll down the page a little, it should be below the pictures of Wren's bathroom.


  7. Holly – I love that fabric and the chairs are adorable! I love the color gray of that chair slightly out of frame in the 3rd picture down – you wouldn't happen to know the paint name?


  8. O.M.G. I do not even have any words to express the following emotions, but I will try:
    1. THOSE CHAIRS–please don't even get me started on the gorgeosity (it's a word…look it up. No don't. I lied it's not a word).
    2. THAT FABRIC–sweet Jesus I can barely handle the grey velvet alone, and then you had to throw in the stripes! I'm swooning now. Seriously.
    3. YOUR WHOLE HOUSE–My house is definitely giving me a vomitron feeling right about now, especially after seeing all your amazing before-and-afters.

    A-MAZING. There, I'm done abusing my caps lock key.


  9. Holly, I love your work! Do you sand and prime every piece you do? If so, what kind of primer do you use? I would love to refinish bigger projects, but the task of sanding is so tedious! Any tips? :)
    Thanks! I'll be sure to check back soon!


  10. I just found your blog and I'm loving all of your work so much. These chairs are especially amazing! Do you have any suggestions for a good guide or a book that can give me a “how to upholster”? I recently got some amazing vintage chairs – amazing shape, hideous crushed mustard yellow COURDUROY (gag!) fabric. Help!


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