Dennise’s Teal Cabinet

I am sooooo very excited to share one of my latest projects! It was the brainchild of my client, Dennise, who is one of the sweetest people I have met. She is very passionate about decorating (like all of us!!) and has an absolutely amazing home. Her kitchen has recently been completely renovated with gorgeous new cabinetry and granite countertops, however one wall remained empty. She envisioned a lovely, large, farmhouse cabinet…. with one quirky twist: it would be teal!

She already had this cabinet
and recently acquired this hutch online for a song. I am sure the previous owner will be letting out a loooong sigh when Dennise shares pictures of her new and improved hutch!

We had not yet centered the hutch in it’s new resting place, but other than that this is the final product. The farmhouse-style hardware was definitely a splurge, but Dennise and I both think that it was well worth it and totally brought it all to the next level!

Without flash you get a much better idea of the color. It is a deep, rich teal called subzero from General Paint. It was looking bright at first, but after aging it all over with a brownish-black glaze it really turned out perfectly.

Enjoy it Dennise! It was hard to take this guy back home…
Dennise’s Teal Cabinet

41 thoughts on “Dennise’s Teal Cabinet

  1. Holly! I love your blog! I have a dresser that I really, really want to glaze, but I don't know how and have not been able to find a tutorial that explains it well enough for me to feel confident in doing it myself. Would you do a how-to glaze post…pretty please?
    Also, what did you use to chip the big pieces of paint of the hutch? I love the look, but again, I'm clueless!


  2. Wow! I'm pretty sure everything you touch turns to GOLD!!!! Looks great Holly!
    I'm so inspired by all your hutch/bookshelfs…they always turn out so beautiful and grand and they definitely make such a statement! I measured a wall and discovered I have enough room for one….next time we do a thrifting expedition I'm going to be hunting for one I think :)


  3. what a beautiful hutch the color is amazing. love your work it's super inspiring. i refinished a tiny wooden jewelry box from goodwill on my blog as practice. can't wait to get to projects of this size.



  4. Man oh Man I just love this!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to find a piece like this for my sis. She is closing on her first home today :) We were supposed to go to Antiques weekend in Texas tomorrow but due to a death in the family we arent. Hopefully in spring!


  5. This is amazing! Seriously love that color and love the finish that you did with the glaze! I'd love a piece like this in my home. Just have to find someone in the states that can do it for me… :) Great work! By far, my favorite!!!!


  6. I absolutely love this, and that color is so hip! I just have to say that you have totally inspired me to paint some of my old furniture. I bought the air sprayer that you recommend, and it has changed the way I paint everything – it is so easy to use and works beautifully! I just painted our kitchen table and chairs and they look brand new! Can't wait to paint more…thanks so much for all your inspiration!


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