Italian Chandelier Love

As much as I love shiny, sparkly crystal chandeliers (ooooh how I love crystal chandeliers!) I have always had a soft spot for the wire-y, curly lines of antique Italian chandeliers like the ones below:

(both photos courtesy of Cote de Texas)
I made a really awesome find today at my local architectural salvage yard when I spotted a light fixture that has all the right lines, but definitely not the right colors. It is a beautiful 12 armed Italian chandelier that had been removed from a home that must have had a big appreciation for the entire box of crayons! I have some painting to do, but I can’t wait to share my $15 Italian chandelier VERY soon~

Italian Chandelier Love

14 thoughts on “Italian Chandelier Love

  1. Hi Holly – I just stumbled across your blog & I LOVE your style. Such a great eclectic mix of old and new pieces! I also love finding great bargains & turning other's trash into my personal treasures! This blog makes me want to quit my job tomorrow and open up my own store! My husband wasn't too keen on the idea when I filled him in on it last night! Such an inspiration and goal for me someday! Keep up the great work! ~Annie


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