Antique Mirrored Dresser

This adorable dresser had been painted by the previous owner, however it was not a smooth, finished surface. So I had to completely stripe this back down to it’s original dark stain.

In progress:

To give it just a little but of character I gently just wore the corners and edges down. Nothing too dramatic. Aren’t the old castor feet cute? That is my favorite thing about this dresser.

One thing that adds so much charm is the old mirror. It is smoky in areas and has lost some of the reflective-ness in little spots over the mirror.

Antique Mirrored Dresser

12 thoughts on “Antique Mirrored Dresser

  1. love the dresser, love your ideas, you might be a genious with your insight and ideas. look forward to your blog everyday. you are right, the mirror is the best part. here in the south, old mirrors are passed down and treasured like family silver. so, how can we get that old worn look on a new mirror – any ideas?


  2. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT!!!
    Keep up the beautiful inspiring work. I just bought a china cabinet off of Craigslist and I'm going to paint and distress it; and it's all because of you.


  3. Oh, this is really super pretty! It looks so calm and breezy; makes me think it belongs in a beachy bungalow on a tropical island… maybe that's from the perfect little green leafy touch you added! :) And I love crystal knobs, too. I kinda want this.
    I went to see if it was in your shop, just 'cause I was curious, and I saw how you've fixed up the WhiteBerry site…it looks even prettier and fun, now! Great work on your blooming business!


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