New Look

You can see from all my projects how often things get moved and rearranged around our house. Nothing stays the same for long. So it is kind of funny that our blog header was actually older than most of our furniture!

I like to change it up once in a while I think it is time for something a little more fun (I think it suites our name better)~

Oh yeah, and doesn’t it kind of resemble my “French” mirror???

New Look

28 thoughts on “New Look

  1. i love holly…i paid a girl to do mine over. i was suppose to get it on friday…ummm i am still waiting…so now i dont want it. i cant stand paying for something and people just leave me hanging.


  2. I could be considered an addict of your blog… and the changes are adorable! What program did you use? I got some much appreciated and very useful help from your dear friend Rebecca, but also wondered where you found your cute tags and banner ideas. ??? :)


  3. It's cute! Reminds me of the oh-so-fun turquoise poms in Wren's room :)
    I know somebody already offered, but I also wanted to let you know if you ever want any design help with anything, I'd love to give a hand! (I have a lot of fun w/ photoshop, etc) I'm a Graphic Design/Digital Cinema student, always looking for more things to get creative on, and practice new design skills with.

    Anyway, great job and Happy Week! :D


  4. Hello Holly! I love how creative you are! Your header is adorable, I love polka dots. I have to say that it is hard picking out a header for a blog. I had a heck of a time trying to find the right one that reflected me. You can check out mine at-

    I started “Living It At Home” recently to express what it is I love about decorating and finding that one special thing~


  5. So lovin' Life in the Fun Lane!!
    Change IS good but I REALLY REALLY liked the other header :)!
    …since you're no longer using it you can send it my way lol ;)


  6. love the new look! just wanted to say that your blog almost had my husband thisclose to letting me fix up an old piece of furniture. we haven't made it there yet, but i keep showing him the things you do, and he's impressed! :)


  7. I'll look forward to it! In the mean time, I also wanted to (but forgot to) mention that I really did like the previous look a lot, too…it was so cool what you came up with through the creative tools scrap blog offers (love that site!).
    Also, I didn't notice the cute new side-bar features the first time, and only saw the blog header before, but the matching buttons I just saw make the whole thing even more fun!


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