Changed my mind…

I loved the new chairs, but decided on Wednesday that the old upholstered chairs fit better with my dreamy new wingbacks. It actually works well, because the new chairs look really good around the kitchen pedestal table. The one thing I have not been able to find and be happy with is a new area rug. I did see a cool teal and cream one the other day but just could not commit to it… so the hunt continues.

The other thing I have not yet done, but am dying to see finished is my marine biology prints. I haven’t even chosen a frame style so I have to get on it!
Changed my mind…

20 thoughts on “Changed my mind…

  1. Yeah! I'd LOVE to see what the teal and creme looks like! (my office is muted teal and creme).

    LOVE all your white…. wouldn't work in my house with 2 kids running around, but I would LOVE it to! :) :) It looks so fresh and airy!

    (btw- I am an avid rehabber of furniture…. who just moved away from Edmonton… I lived not too far from Wellington and miss it terribly!)


  2. That room looks awesome! Congrats on all your hard worked… it turned out beautiful… im kinda jealous.. ive got 2 is 2 and a half and the other is 1 and a half.. so there is no white for me pretty much at all.. it becomes red too easy! :)


  3. Holly! You know I LOVE those fancy chairs you worked so hard on but these ones look beautiful too! And the chandelier looks perfect there! I love the mix of fancy and casual…now maybe Sean will eat there again lol!


  4. I'll keep my eye out for an area rug for you as I am looking for one as well for our kitchen/dining area. Also, how can I get a hold of the lady that made your slip covers? I don't live in the area but wondered if she would work off dimensions? Thanks!


  5. I was in LOVE with the grey and white chairs you created, but I do think what you settled back into looks more 'right' in that space…so comfy (and pretty) :)

    I'm curious what you decided to do with the other chairs, though. A new place in your house, or up for sale at WhiteBerry?


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