Exciting WhiteBerry Update

We are having a baby boom over here at WhiteBerry! This week I have been on a tight deadline for finishing several pieces going into 2 different nurseries (talk about a fun job, right?). So blogging has taken a back seat.

I have some exciting new items that I will be sharing with you tomorrow that will be added to WhiteBerry next week. And the best part? They can be shipped!!! Yes, that means that all you lovely non-Edmontonian readers who have emailed me about buying WhiteBerry items can now have your chance.

See you tomorrow~

Exciting WhiteBerry Update

9 thoughts on “Exciting WhiteBerry Update

  1. So exciting! Are you posting pics of the nursery pieces? I would love to see them. BTW – I just posted about the furniture I brought home. Its still in the garage but I get so excited every time I drive in & see it! I'm starting on the office this Sunday – will send photos as soon as it is done! Please give my thanks to your parents – they were SO helpful. I really appreciated & NOTHING moved! It was so great to meet you! :)


  2. Don't make us wait to long. I check your blog probably 4 times a day, to see if you have posted any new pictures, I think I'm a blog stalker. I just LOVE your photos of furniture you have completed. I told my husband I now need a compressor and a paint sprayer, he just nods his head. I wonder what that means. LOL :)


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